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January 6, 2013 in Monitoring system

Buy from Amazon CA Site Customer Reviews: “You get a local area code, voice mail (emailed to you) or can dial *98 to pickup, call waiting, 3 way calling etc. etc., free calls in USA & Canada. All for only 39$ a year(Canada). Cancelled my Rogers home phone. Plug in Duo’s telephone line into one of my home landline telephone outlets and back fed to all the phones in the house. Initially planned to use the Nettalk Duo for traveling when wintering in the USA but now its my home phone.My home alarm monitoring system works too with the Duo which the MajicJack did not (note had to call the monitoring company to program to call their direct number without #1 in front of it rather then a toll free number)The advantage this unit has it’s own power not relying on your computer. But can also connect by computer USB.I tried the USB connect but on occassion needed to be unplugged and plugged back in when Computer went to sleep.It needs Windows OS to use the USB. I use Parallels 6 on my MacPro to run the USB connection. Notwithstanding the Ethernet connection is the best way to go for reliability.I love that once you plug everything in incl your corded phone Duo connects within about 5 seconds and your phone rings once to let you know all is working.Reception is excellent with on occasion you can hear your voice echo on a call. The other party can’t hear it but I usually just call back if it’s going to be a long call.There is also the odd 1 second break in the reception

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